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Kit Women's Health operates out of the Fitness Fix located at

#115,  5655 10th Street NE, Calgary AB

Look for the sign " Gramma's Attic" - The Fitness Fix recently moved to this location and it is currently being renovated . The gym is OPEN during renovations!!

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115, 5655 - 10th Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2K 6G9


Kit Women's Health specializes in Health & Fitness for Pregnant, Postpartum and Peri/Menopausal women. We empower women to stay active to prevent or manage chronic disease, injury and pelvic health conditions: diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic girdle pain.

Personal Training

Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Personal Training | Fitness for Peri to Post Menopause | prevent + restore core and pelvic floor dysfunction - incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti (ab separation); prevent and manage injury, and chronic disease - Diabetes, Osteoporosis; Calgary


Personal Training

Kit offers a different approach to your health and fitness!  We believe that Exercise is Medicine, thus we use are strategic and prescriptive in the way we use exercise. Your body is unique, and your exercise program should be too! And that's exactly what you get at Kit. Come train with us and let us help you exercise to your ability, with your goals, needs and health in mind.


Our personalized exercise services are designed to provide the most advanced evaluation, exercise prescription and personalized fitness instruction. Our Kinesiologist will motivate you, help you to set goals and provide feedback on your progress, technique and ability. Your strengths & weakness will be measured and potential injury areas will be assessed to create a science based program specifically for you. Personalized Exercise Prescription is ideal for anyone who is recovering from an injury, managing a condition, or who would like to push themselves beyond where traditional class participation can take them.

We offer two options for Personal Training

With both of these types of exercise sessions, your program is 100% customized for you, from start to finish!!

1-on-1 Sessions

These sessions are best suited for any woman who wants or needs treatment and training on a regular basis, with the undivided attention and hands-on care of a Kinesiologist. This type of training is for you, if you are newly postpartum,  or have pelvic floor & core dysfunction, injuries, chronic pain or other chronic conditions, or simply want better and faster results.

You can choose session times that work best for you!

Small Group Sessions

While there’s nothing more effective than 1-on-1 sessions , small group sessions are the next best thing!  Small group sessions are a cost-effective alternative to private sessions. 

You get a program and coaching that is completely personalized to you, based on your needs and goals, while enjoying the camaraderie of training with up to 4 other women, each doing their own unique program. 

We have select prime-time sessions for you to join!


Our training philosophy is that we personalize sessions for you according to your goals and your body - based on your comprehensive assessment. Your session will start with a warm-up that includes a combination of:

  • isometric muscle activation

  • breath work or hypopressive training

  • corrective exercise

  • dynamic movement

Then, depending on your needs and goals, you will do some combination of the following:

  • Movement-based strength super-sets, tri-sets or circuits featuring body weight, free weights, TRX, kettlebells, bands, and cable columns;

  • Conditioning or energy system development will be done with our spin bike, elliptical, treadmill, agility ladder, aerobic step, medicine balls, and kettlebells, either as interval training (aerobic or anaerobic), metabolic resistance training circuits, or steady-state aerobic training.

Because you will adapt to the exercise you do (translation: you'll get stronger and fitter!), we re-evaluate and adjust all programs every three to six weeks to ensure you get the most out of your hard work.