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Kit Women's Health operates out of the Fitness Fix located at

#115,  5655 10th Street NE, Calgary AB

Look for the sign " Gramma's Attic" - The Fitness Fix recently moved to this location and it is currently being renovated . The gym is OPEN during renovations!!

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115, 5655 - 10th Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2K 6G9


Kit Women's Health specializes in Health & Fitness for Pregnant, Postpartum and Peri/Menopausal women. We empower women to stay active to prevent or manage chronic disease, injury and pelvic health conditions: diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic girdle pain.


Hypopressive Training is a full body exercise program to strengthen the pelvic floor, prevent + treat urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse



The new evolution of Core Training for Function, Fitness & Health, and Athletic Performance. Hypopressives - Low Pressure Fitness is a complete exercise program that benefits all ages and fitness levels!


What is Hypopressives - Low Pressure Fitness?

HYPOPRESSIVE is a term used to describe a decrease or reduction in pressure, and LOW PRESSURE FITNESS is a new form of exercise designed specifically to target the core without inflicting detrimental pressure to the abdominal wall or pelvic floor.

Low Pressure Fitness is a safe and effective way to train those muscles that are needed to withstand any problematic pressure resulting from our everyday living or exercise; allowing us to safely and confidently continue doing the activities we love. 

While initially developed as a non-surgical treatment for women with pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence, the HYPOPRESSIVE™ technique has evolved and broadened into a Complete Core Training program that benefits all ages and lifestyles.


Proven Benefits of Hypopressives

  • Reduces waist size and flattens the abdominal wall (avg 8% reduction)
  • Increases abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone (avg 58%)
  • Prevention and treatment of incontinence, prolapse and hernias
  • Increases explosive strength and anaerobic capacity for sports performance
  • Raises metabolism
  • Aids in improvement of sexual function
  • Improves posture (especially posterior chain)
  • Activates the sympathetic nervous system
Photo used with permission from Trista Zinn, Director of  Hypopressives Canada

Photo used with permission from Trista Zinn, Director of Hypopressives Canada

Core inner unit.jpg

How Hypopressives Work

Hypopressives has a unique global approach to address the deep muscles that make up the core (transverse abdominal, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor). These core muscles do not work independent of one another so it is important that we do not train them that way! There should be a synergy within the core which is precisely why Hypopressives training uses a 'big picture' approach, and trains the core as a unit for optimal core function!!

The Hypopressive Technique is a specific rhythmic breathing pattern set to specific postural exercises that together trigger and automatic or anticipatory response of your deep core muscles. These deep core muscles are made up of primarily slow twitch or endurance muscle fibers that are vital in supporting all our activities throughout the day. Traditional core exercises recruit only 3-4% of these muscle fibers, whereas Hypopressives recruit all of them! This is why Hypopressive Training is the ideal method of re-training the deep core muscles to prepare for pregnancy and birth, recover postpartum, and to prevent or treat incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse!

Tutorial on the Hypopressive Technique

Trista Zinn, director of Hypopressives Canada, offers a short tutorial on the Hypopressive technique.

This video will give you a glimpse into what the practice of the Hypopressive technique involves. There are some basic details and cues within the Demeter/ lying down pose, the Venus /standing pose as well as the breathing technique.

The breathing technique is a complex segment to Hypopressive training and needs the guidance of a qualified Low Pressure Fitness-Hypopressive professional - it is for this reason not ALL the details to the breath are revealed in this segment.

You can learn this technique with Kit Women's Health, our Kinesiologist is certified in Hypopressives Level 1 and Level 2.

Learning Hypopressives- Low Pressure Fitness

While Hypopressive Training looks simple, it is highly technical. There is a lot of detail in the breathing and the postures. It is much harder to learn than you may anticipate.

Clients start with a 1 hour assessment which includes a comprehensive core assessment, guidance for improving your breathing pattern, and an introduction to the hypopressive breathing technique and technical components of the postures. The results of your assessment will determine what format of learning Hypopressives is best for you.

We offer Private Sessions with our Exercise Therapy and Small Group Strong Foundations class.